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    Desktop Warpalizer will allow you run almost any application in windowed and fullscreen mode with a warp and blend desktop.

    Increase the productivity in your company or home by getting the most out of multi-tasking with multi projector seamless curved screens instead of LCD screens with thick bezels around.

    Editing video, image or music will never be the same, no more switching between applications.

    Watch fullscreen movies with your regular player and even play games without switching warp and blend software.

    When starting your pc the Desktop Warpalizer will immediately start at the same time as Windows (After login).


    Windows 7 64-bit

    Your graphics card must support extended desktop and taskbar

    Latest DirectX version

    Visual Studio Runtime redistributable


    The Warpalizer software is the perfect choice for the most simulators:

    Warpalizer supports any number of channels

    Warpalizer supports any type of screens

    Warpalizer supports both front and rear projection systems

    Warpalizer supports collimated projection systems

    Warpalizer supports any resolution supported by the graphic card

    Warpalizer supports all frame rates the graphic card is able to run

    Warpalizer works with all projectors

    Warpalizer only adds 0.1 millisecond latency

    Warpalizer simplifies the system complexity

    Warpalizer supports non-warped copy to the instructor station

    Warpalizer offers a very intuitive and powerful Graphic User Interface

    Warpalizer includes an Auto Line Up function for easy maintenance

    The Warpalizer is used in:

    Flight Simulators

    Helicopter Simulators

    Driving Simulators

    Ship Navigation Simulators

    Ship Handling Simulators

    ATC Simulators

    Small Arms Trainers

    Excavation Simulators

    Racing Simulators

    These simulators represent almost all thinkable configurations from 1 to 24 channels.

  • MegaWall™ Display Processor

    Configurable high-performance image processor with windows controller

    The MegaWall Series marks a new approach to system architecture. Designed for flexibility, ease of use and reliability, this real-time hardware image processor and controller

    offers a unique set of features never before available in a single unit. Fully configurable and capable of processing resolutions all the way up to WQXGA (2560 x 1600).

    The MegaWall Series offers full configuration of the DVI-I outputs, DVI-I inputs and composite video inputs with different resolution alternatives.

    And it includes CanvasControlTM, an intuitive and powerful graphic user interface (GUI) with efficient and user-friendly

    features, allowing output windows to be arranged across a visual display in any manner. Users can load layout presets, create their own, or freely place windows in real time.


    Real-time hardware

    Powered by 3DP’s patented Digital Geometry Processor

    42 bit color processing (14 bit pr channel)

    Fully configurable

    Overlap generator

    Advanced image warping and blending for curved screens

    Hot-swappable power supplies & I/O boards

    Advanced scaling

    Hotspot compensation

    Black level enhancement

    Intuitive GUI including:

         Interactive positioning of windows

         Crop and zoom

         Up to 250 presets

         Drag and drop functionality