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Video Wall Solution

TRICOLOR Video Wall Controller

  • Product Introduction

    Tricolor series of multi-screen display processor is a pure hardware architecture, no operating system, high-performance video processing workstation, a fundamental guarantee for all input sources for full real-time processing and data consistency, the image no delay, no discrete oriented, non-drop frame, realize the image of the perfect present.

    Energy and power, security monitoring

    National defense, transportation

    Radio and television, education and scientific research

    Weather information, production monitoring, Exhibition

    Pure hardware modular design

    Tricolor pure hardware design approach, without any operating system to avoid trouble X86 controller crashes, blue screen, viruses and other common problems. At the same time the device is modular in design, offers a variety of different types of boards and chassis of different sizes, the user can perform any configuration on demand, cost savings, and redundant power supplies and hot-swappable boards designed to further ensure that the equipment stability, all walks of life escort.

    Multi-screen group management

    Tricolor processor supports full-resolution real-time compatible technology (Resolution Real-time Total Adaptation), that is, at the same time can support multiple different resolutions of the big screen. When using all output channels can be divided into four separate display Working Group, each working group of the big screen can be customized with other groups of different output resolution. Customers can according to the site environment decoration display any combination, greatly facilitates the construction and daily management and applications.

    4K Ultra-HD

    Tricolor support includes capture and output DL-DVI, HDMI 1.4 and DP 4K signal, etc., to achieve a larger resolution image wall, to achieve a more shocking display. Nvidia Mosaic can be perfectly compatible with AMD Eyefinity technology, implementation GIS, SCADA and other super-resolution visualization of data.

    Signal pre-monitoring

    Tricolor processor supports the user in the control software for all input signals in real-time preview, you can prevent operator error signal is displayed on a large screen, to avoid a negative impact. While watching the big-screen, real-time echo images in the user interface, improve the efficiency of the operator.


    Tricolor splicing processor can be used with sun in CrossMedia visualization system. Users can achieve control of the processor via tablet. Through easy touch operation, to achieve large-screen display content management. Supports on the plate for all signals in real-time preview, WYSIWYG. New operating experience friendly man-machine interface.

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